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Eligibility Advocacy Services

Offering multilingual guidance to Medicaid-eligible patients and advocating for them with state Health Plan Marketplaces and the Department of Social Services.

There are 72 million beneficiaries enrolled in the Medicaid program, and there are certain requirements that must be followed for billing Medicaid for medical services for these patients. QBS has a staff of trained, multilingual Certified Application Counselors (CAC) whose expertise encompasses the rules and regulations that govern the Medicaid program. On behalf of your institution, our EAS personnel will provide guidance to your potentially eligible patient population and serve as their advocate in the Health Plan Marketplace and the State Departments of Social Services (DSS) through the entire application process. Your institution will be paid and your patients will have peace of mind that they are covered.

EAS will customize a program to assist in identifying and pursuing Financial Assistance coverage for appropriate patients or other eligibility programs.

  • Enrollment Support and Guidance

    Our trained and certified staff communicates with patients in their own language and provides support through the Medicaid and Marketplace application process. QBS collaborates with clients to design a program that best addresses the uninsured population in their communities.  We offer trained, certified, multilingual staff that communicate with uninsured patients and provide guidance on various […]

  • Long Term Care Enrollment Assistance

    Ensuring that long term care enrollment is conducted appropriately with care and kindness Our EAS team assists with long term care enrollment support. QBS employees are trained and familiar with the application requirements.  We will guide patients and families throughout the application process.

  • Eligibility Search & Verification

    Monitoring your self-pay populations and getting it right every time. QBS offers healthcare providers continual screening of their self pay population to help identify insurance coverage.  Providers can: Enhance revenue Reduce bad debt Reduce denials for untimely claims submission   QBS leverages technology solutions that continually monitor self pay populations and identify changes to patient eligibility. […]

  • SSI/SSD Enrollment Support and Guidance

    We have the training and experience necessary to enroll patients in Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Our EAS team assists with SSI/SSD enrollment support. QBS employees are trained and familiar with application requirements. We will guide patients and families throughout the application process.

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