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Accounts Receivable Management

Resolving unpaid accounts promptly and reporting regularly provides AR support your team can count on.

Quality Billing Service specializes in the accounts receivable management and recovery of hospital, physician and other provider unpaid accounts receivables. Referral criteria are established and work plans are developed to ensure your expectations are met. We accept and transmit HIPAA compliant files in a format convenient to you. The QBS team will work on your organization’s behalf to secure payment from third party insurance. Work may be performed directly in the provider system, as required.

Your data is imported seamlessly into our proprietary accounts receivable management system. Rigorous follow up and appeal protocols are followed utilizing all available technology – as well as telephone and letter correspondence. A secure system environment is provided in order to ensure patient confidentiality.

Accounts receivable reconciliations are performed to ensure referral and reporting accuracy. Management reports are customized to your specific needs, with a focus on financial class, age of referral, volume and cash collections. Reports are designed to be a process improvement tool for you. Feedback is provided and onsite support, education and training are also available. The QBS team is dedicated to prompt resolution of AR, and your healthcare organization’s revenue cycle success.

  • Hospital AR Management

    Enhancing your cash flow through proven strategies and strict account protocols. QBS partners with hospitals and health systems to address third party insurance accounts receivable.  We collaborate with clients to create an outsource strategy that provides cost effective solutions that enhance cash flow. Our team of trained staff works on behalf of healthcare providers to follow […]

  • Professional Medical Billing

    We take the lead in correct claims submission across a wide variety of clinical settings. QBS is a medical billing service with claims submission expertise in the academic medical center, physician practice, outpatient laboratory, and other clinical settings. Specialty areas include, but are not limited to, emergency medicine, hospice/home care, infusion therapy, mental health, orthopedics, […]

  • Denial Resolution

    We dig deeper to resolve claims and recover revenue when insurance denies or pays too little.  QBS prides itself on its management, resolution and recovery of denied and underpaid insurance claims. Zero pay and underpaid claims are researched extensively and challenged according to contractual and regulatory guidelines. Administrative appeals are submitted to insurance carriers by […]

  • Legacy AR Wind-Down

    Rest easy during your system conversion. We liquidate accounts receivable from your legacy system and maintain cash flow during this critical period. QBS assists providers with legacy AR liquidation projects. During a system conversion, hospitals and health systems are often confronted with competing priorities. QBS offers services to help providers successfully transition to their new system […]

  • Supplemental Staffing

    We have trained staffing support to provide temporary assistance to optimize operations and keep work flowing. Providers may experience unexpected staffing shortages.  Additionally, there may be special projects that require immediate attention. QBS offers staffing support to our clients when needed. We supply our trained resources to healthcare providers that may require temporary assistance to […]

  • Underpayment Recovery

    Examining previously paid claims to make sure you received all that was appropriate and, where necessary, recover additional payment. QBS works with healthcare providers to review previously paid claims and evaluate claim accuracy and third party reimbursement. QBS will analyze paid claims and initiate recovery efforts when underpayment is identified.  We provide data and offer […]

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