Eligibility Advocacy Services (EAS)

QBS has a staff of trained, bi-lingual Certified Application Counselors (CAC) whose expertise encompasses the rules and regulations that govern the Medicaid program. On behalf of your institution, our EAS personnel will provide guidance to your potentially eligible patient population and serve as their advocate to both the NYS Health Plan Marketplace and the Department of Social Services (DSS) through the entire application process. We will:

  • Attempt to contact the patient or responsible party by letter, telephone and field visit, where appropriate
  • Assist in completing Medicaid or Health Plan Marketplace applications and in gathering required documentation.
  • Review all DSS decisions for compliance with the law and appeal, if appropriate.
  • Provide professional, compassionate advocacy for your potentially eligible patient population.
  • Assist patients with your organization’s financial assistance policies and applications.
  • Reduce bad debt and supplement your organization’s community benefit plan

EAS can be tailored to assist in identifying and pursuing Financial Assistance coverage for appropriate patients or other eligibility programs.