A/R Management

Quality Billing Service specializes in the accounts receivable management and recovery of hospital, physician and other provider aged accounts receivables. Referral criteria are established and work plans are developed to ensure your expectations are met. We accept HIPAA compliant files in a format convenient to you, and focus on HIPAA compliance. The QBS team will work on your organization’s behalf to address aged accounts and secure payment.

Your data is imported seamlessly into our proprietary accounts receivable management system. Rigorous follow up and appeal protocols are followed utilizing all available technology – as well as telephone and letter correspondence. A secure system environment is provided in order to ensure patient confidentiality.

Accounts receivable reconciliations are performed to ensure referral and reporting accuracy. Management reports are customized to your specific needs, with a focus on financial class, age of referral, volume and cash collections. Reports are designed to be a process improvement tool for you. Feedback is provided and onsite support, education and training are also available. The QBS team is dedicated to prompt resolution of aged AR and your healthcare organization’s revenue cycle success.