Quality Billing Service, Inc. offers a variety of revenue cycle outsourcing solutions. We work closely with you to provide the answer that works for your healthcare organization. Whether it is cost savings, expertise, or temporary changes in staffing levels, we are ready to serve as an extension of your revenue cycle.

Advisory Services

The advisory practice provides revenue cycle consulting for hospitals and physicians and other providers which includes:

  • Technology Planning, Aligning, and Implementation Support
  • Process Analysis & Redesign
  • Practice Consolidation Planning & Implementation
  • Quality & Productivity Monitoring
  • Operational Performance Metrics
  • Interim Management Solutions
  • Workforce & Operational Analysis

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A/R Management

Quality Billing Service specializes in the accounts receivable management and recovery of hospital, physician and other provider aged accounts receivables. Referral criteria are established and work plans are developed to ensure your expectations are met. We accept HIPAA compliant files in a format convenient to you, and focus on HIPAA compliance. The QBS team will work on your organization’s behalf to address aged accounts and secure payment.

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Denial and Underpayment Resolution

QBS prides itself on its management, resolution and recovery of denied and underpaid insurance claims. Zero pay and underpaid claims are researched extensively and challenged according to contractual and regulatory guidelines.

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Eligibility Advocacy Services (EAS)

QBS has fully trained Certified Application Counselors (CAC) staff whose expertise encompasses the rules and regulations that govern the Medicaid program. On behalf of your institution, our EAS personnel will provide guidance to your potentially eligible patient population and serve as their advocate to both the NYS Health Plan Marketplace and the Department of Social Services (DSS) through the entire application process.

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Interim Management Solutions

There is much to consider in an organization when there becomes a sudden gap in the revenue cycle management team. It is important that your organization and management structure get back on track promptly to ensure that cash flow, productivity and employee performance do not take an inappropriate downturn.

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Medical Billing

QBS is a medical billing service with claims submission expertise in the academic medical center, physician practice, outpatient laboratory, and other clinical settings. Specialty areas include, but are not limited to, emergency medicine, primary care, women’s health, surgery, wound care, hospice/home care and mental health.

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Special Accounts Receivable Projects

QBS also offers the following services to support your revenue cycle:

  • Payer specific payment issues
  • Medical necessity review
  • Coding and audit engagements
  • Underpayment recovery projects
  • Small balance review
  • Credit balance review
  • Out of state Medicaid billing
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Processing

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